Managing Tracks

The Tracks page is the landing page for practicum or internship site administrators. This page gives an overview of the tracks associated with your practicum/internship site. From here, you can add tracks or modify the number of openings in each track. You can also see the number of students who have applied to a track, as well the doctoral programs which each Track has a relationship with.

Track Name

This column shows the track name and lists every track associated with your site.


In this field, you can modify the number of openings in a specific track.

  1. Click in the field and scroll to or type a number. A green checkbox icon and black X icon appear.
  2. Click the checkbox to save the new number, or click the X icon to reset the field.


This column lists the number of students who you have ranked for a track. Click the Add or Rank button or the hyperlinked number to see the Applicants page, which has more information on each student.

Manage Programs (PracticumFit Only)

The Programs column lists the number of doctoral programs that can send applicants to a specific track. Click the Manage button to view and manage what School Programs are connected to your track. Students will only be able to view your Site in their directory and rank your track if you and their School Program has approved a Track on your Site's list. 

Use the drop-down beside the track name to change which Track you are managing. Each Track has its own separate relationship with School Programs. The relationship must be mutually approved by you and the school.


To request a new relationship with your track, click Send Request beside the Programs you would like to work with. The Program Administrator for that Program will receive an email notifying them of your request. 

If a School Program has proposed a relationship with you, you can Approve or Decline the request. If you decline the request, either you or the school may re-request the relationship at any time. The Program Administrator will be be informed of your action in an email.

If you wish to end an association with a School Program, click Revoke Access.

Add, Delete, and Rename Tracks

Adding Tracks

The Openings page is where you can add new tracks to your practicum site.

  1. Click the Add Track button. The track information fields appear.
  2. Enter a Track Name.
  3. Enter the number of Openings in the track by typing in the field, clicking the up and down arrows, or using the scroll button on your mouse.
  4. Click the Add button to add this track.

PracticumFit Only: If you have just created a new track, it will not have relationships with any School Programs. Click Manage beside the new Track name to send relationship requests to the Programs you would like to work with.

Deleting Tracks

You can delete a track from the Tracks page. Click the Delete button on the track listing and then click OK in the warning that opens. 

Important: Deleting a track will remove all information about it from PracticumFit. All ranking, openings, and program associations will be lost and cannot be recovered. 

PracticumFit Only: Deleting a track will remove the relationships between your track and the School Programs which had approved it. If that was your last Track that was connected to a Program, your Site will no longer be visible in the Student's directory view for Students in that Program. 

Renaming Tracks

You can rename an existing Track. Click the Rename button on the track listing, change the name, and then click Rename again to confirm the name change. Any School Programs who have approved that track for their students will be notified of the name change. Their relationship with the track will remain.


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