Help! I can't find my password reset email!


Most of the time someone can't find an email from us, we're able to confirm that our email server has successfully delivered the message to yours.

The message has been delivered on our end, it's just not showing up in a place where you have been able to find it, and we're very sorry that's happening! 

If you're having trouble finding the message in your inbox:

  • Make sure you're checking the correct account!
  • After requesting a password reset, it can take a few minutes for the email to arrive.
  • Please be sure to check your spam folder as well as your inbox. Outlook users, scroll down further here for another suggestion.

You can use this table to determine what email address and subject line to search for:

Client:  Message comes from: Email Subject:
CAPIC "Reset Password Instructions"
BAPIC "Reset password request from PracticumFit"

SCAPTP "Reset password request from PracticumFit"

FOR MICROSOFT OUTLOOK USERS: Mail for some users can get caught in the quarantine area on Outlook, so please look there. This article may help you with that process:

IF YOU'VE MADE MULTIPLE RESET REQUESTS: A new password reset requests makes all previous request invalid. Be sure that you use the most recent email you requested.

Temporary passwords eventually expire, so if it's been several days you may need to initiate a new reset request.

If none of the above gets you sorted out or you'd like additional guidance, please submit a support ticket to us and we'll help you out right away.

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