Questions about Sites and Tracks.



What's a Site? - A training site is the agency providing training to students. An administrator from the site manages the Site's profile, track listings, and rank lists on PracticumFit. A site can have as many administrator accounts as it needs.


What's a Track? - A Site Administrator can define any number of hiring tracks into which the agency hopes to hire students. Tracks at the same site might be distinguished by having different training focuses, by the physical location of the position, or by whether it's a half-time, full-time, one-year, or two-year position.

Each track has a name, description, and a number of openings listed which could be filled by students in the match. 

Matches can only happen if the student and site both rank each other for the same track! Make sure you know which track the other party is interested in you for.

You can rank more than one track at a site, and sites can rank the same student in several different tracks if they wish.


I'm a Site Administrator. How many tracks can I create? - You can create as many tracks as your agency needs to specify the different kinds of positions you are hiring for. 


I'm a Student. Which Tracks should I rank? - You should rank any and all tracks at which you'd be willing to train, in your honest order of preference. You should ONLY rank tracks which you are willing to work for if you match into them.

You can apply to and rank as many tracks as you wish, though you might have a maximum number of sites or tracks you were allowed to apply to depending on which Match you're participating in.

Also, please note that you can only match with a track that also has you ranked on it! Make sure both you and the site administrator are clear about what tracks you're considering and under consideration for. 


How many students should I rank in my track? - You should rank any and all students you would be willing to accept for the position, in your order of preference. You should not rank a student you do not wish to hire.

Past matches have shown that ranking 3 or more students per opening you wish to fill raises your chances of successfully filling your positions. That said, there is no guarantee of any specific outcome for the match regardless of how many students you rank. 


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