Step 1: Creating your Site List and Rank List

Applies to: Students at BAPIC, SCAPTP

After your Student account has been activated, you'll need to choose the Sites and Tracks you wish to include in your Rank List. Navigate to the Select Sites & Tracks page to get started.


1. All sites will start on your Unselected Sites list, which shows every site your school has approved for you to consider. 

2. You can view the Agency's Directory Profile by clicking on the information icon to the left of the Site Name. 

3. Select the Sites you are interested in by clicking the 'add' icon to the right of the site's listing. When you select a site, it will move to the Selected Sites list for you to work with.

Note: There may be a limit to the number of sites you can apply to. Once you reach that limit, the 'add' icons on the right side of the Unselected Sites list will change to 'lock' icons. Your school may also have a deadline by which you must make your site selections; once the Site List Lock Date is past, the 'add' icons will become 'lock' icons after the deadline has passed.

4. Your Selected Sites list will let you select the Tracks you'd like to rank for the match, after your interviews are complete. You can change your Track selections at any time until the Ranking Window closes.

You can also Remove the Site from your Site List if you've decided you're not interested in it anymore. 

Note: If your site list has been locked by your school administrator, you won't be able to remove it from your list, but you don't have to rank any tracks from that site either. You can't match to a track you haven't included on your rank list.



1. Add a Track to your Rank List by clicking the blue button on the right side of the track listing.

2. You can remove a track from your list by clicking the red 'Unrank Track' button which appears after you've selected that track to rank.


Pro Tip: Add Sites and Tracks from the Directory Profile View

When browsing in the directory using your student account, you will be able to select sites and tracks to add to your list directly from the Directory Profile of any agency you are viewing as well as from the Select Sites & Tracks page.


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