Directory Viewer Accounts

Applies to: BAPIC, SCAPTP

Student Program Affiliation

Students are invited by their School Program Administrators to participate in the match as members of a Program at their School. A school might have one program for each annual cohort, or may have separate programs for students pursuing different degrees (such as PsyD or PhD). 

Before Students are invited to create their own Student Accounts, they can access their Program's Directory of affiliated Sites using a Directory Viewer login.

Directory Viewer Login Credentials

School Program Administrators can access each Program's Directory Viewer login credentials on the Program Overview page when they log in. A unique username and password is generated for each Program the School manages.

These login credentials can be given to any student who is expected to be in the match in a given program. This allows them to view the Training Site Directory, filtered to only show Sites which are relevant for them, so they can begin to plan out where they will apply.


Note for BAPIC Users: Directory Viewer logins remain the same as in previous years for each Program, but due to security upgrades, a # symbol must be added to the end of the password. If your login credentials are not working, please try refreshing the login page, adding a # symbol to the end of the password, and log in again.


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