Site Admins: Track Relationships

Applies to: Site Administrators with BAPIC, SCAPTP. For CAPIC, Track Relationships are managed only by Schools.


Once you have created your Track offerings, you must affiliate those Tracks with the School Programs you wish to hire from. Track-Program relationships control which Sites a student can see in their view of the Directory, and limit which Tracks they can rank for matching on their Rank Order List.

Viewing Track Relationships

View and Manage your Track Relationships by clicking the menu option in the top bar for Track Relationships.

Use the drop-down menu to select the track whose relationships you wish to manage. You must manage each track's relationships with school program separately. This means you may send multiple relationship proposals to each school, one for each program you wish to connect to for each track you have. If you create a new Track, you will need to create all new relationships for it as well.



Initiating Relationships

Both Sites and Schools can initiate affiliation requests. Both parties must approve of the Relationship for it to be confirmed. 

Click 'Send Request' to initiate a relationship proposal. It will appear as a request next time a Program Administrator at the school logs in, and they will have options to 'Approve Request' or 'Reject Request'. An email may be sent to the other party to inform them of a request you have created.

If a Program sends a request to your Track, you can likewise choose to Approve or Reject the request.

If a Program has not responded to your request and you are no longer interested in an affilitation, you may withdraw the request by clicking the 'Withdraw Request' button.


Ending a Relationship

You may choose to break an existing relationship by clicking 'Revoke Access' next to the Program you no longer wish to work with. The Program will have the same option.

If either party chooses to break an affiliation relationship, that Track will no longer be available for students in that program to rank or view, and that track will be removed automatically from their Rank Order List.

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