The Practicum Sites Page

The Practicum Sites page displays a list of all practicum sites. From here, you can add new sites, view and modify existing sites, and delete sites.

Adding New Sites

Click the New Practicum Site button in the top right corner. On the next page, fill in the site information and click Create Practicum site

Modifying Site Information

You can add tracks to existing sites or update their other information. Find the site you wish you change on the Practicum Sites page and use the links to change it.

Adding Tracks

On the sites page, find the site you wish to add a track to and click View. A new page opens with specific site information. In the Tracks row, click Add New. Fill in the track information, select which programs that track is associated with, and click Create Track.

Editing Site Information

On the sites page, find the site you wish to update and click Edit. A new page opens. Change the site information as needed and click Update Practicum site

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