Program Admins: The Students Page

Applies to: Program Admins at BAPIC, SCAPTP


The Students page is where you invite and manage all students participating in the Programs you manage. From this page you can invite new students, resend their invite emails, delete invited students who have not yet paid, and review the status of your students who have registered.


Parts of the Students Page


1. Program Selection Drop-down - Use this drop-down to select which program of students you'd like to view and manage. 

2. Add Students - Use this button to invite new students into the selected program.

3. Review a student's Site selections - You can see which sites your students have chosen to rank here. Some Programs use the PracticumFit tool to manage and approve which sites their students will apply to as well as which ones they will ultimately rank.

4. Application Limit  - (BAPIC only) Control the maximum number of sites each student can include in their site list, up to the maximum set by the matching organization.

5. Paid Flag - See which of your students have registered on PracticumFit and paid their fee to participate.

6. Matched Track - After match day, your students' match results will show here.

7. Management Actions - View each student's profile information, delete any student that has not accepted their invitation to the platform, or resent their invitation email if they lost the first one. Once a student has registered, you will need to contact PracticumFit Support if a student needs to be removed from the match.

8. CSV Download - Download a *.csv file listing all of your students and the sites they have selected to rank. 


Inviting Students to PracticumFit

1. Click the 'Add Students' button to invite your students onto the platform.

2. Verify you've selected the right program. The Bulk Add box will display which program these students will be invited to.

3. Enter their email addresses, one per line.

4. Click the 'Create Students' button to automatically send them an invitation to activate their account.

5. Review the Invite Confirmation Box. If any of the email addresses had a typo in them and could not be created, the confirmation box will indicate this next to the affected email addresses. You can re-invite just those students, OR you can simply re-add your whole student list again with any typos corrected; the system will overlook any email addresses for whom accounts have already been created.

6. New Students will now appear on the main Students page for the selected Program.



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