Step 2: Ranking Tracks

Important: You cannot complete this step until you have completed Selecting Sites & Tracks

The Rank Tracks page is where you see the tracks you have selected to apply to and rank them in order of preference.

This page is populated based on the tracks you selected on the Select Sites & Tracks page. If you do not see a track you wanted to apply to on this page, return to the previous page and make sure you selected the correct tracks.


You might be asked to re-attest that you understand the policies of the match you are participating in each time you access the Ranking page.

If you do not agree to the match policies by accepting, you will be Withdrawn from the match and can no longer participate.

Ranking Tracks

  1. Tracks that you have selected on the Select Sites & Tracks page will appear in a numbered list here.
  2. Reorder the list by clicking, dragging, and dropping the track entries within it. You will see the numbers change to show both the old and new rank orders.
    1. Mobile Devices Not Supported: Currently mobile browsers are NOT supported for reordering your rank list. You will need to use a computer with a mouse to reorder your rankings. This limitation of the platform should be fixed soon, but for now, you must log in with a browser on a computer to order your rank list.
  3. Save your Rank List. Once your Tracks are in order, click the "Save Ranking" button to save your new rank order. The numbers next to the tracks will all turn green to indicate that the order has now been saved.
  4. If you add a new Track, to your list, be sure to return to the ranking page to place it where you wish in your preference order and save your rank list again.
  5. Important: You can modify the rank list any time you wish until the ranking period is over. Once the ranking period ends, your list will be locked in the order it is set to at that time.
  6. Email Confirmation: After the Ranking period is over, you will receive an email confirmation of the rank list as we have it on file for you. If anything looks wrong, contact us.


Screentshot 1. A Rank List with 4 tracks which has been saved. Screenshot 2. A Rank List that has been reordered. Hit the green "Save Ranking" button to save your new order of preference, or hit 'Cancel' to return to the previous ordering.

Removing Tracks

If you decide you do not wish to rank a track:

  1. Return to the Select Sites & Tracks page
  2. Click "Manage Tracks" next to the appropriate site
  3. Select "Unrank Track" next to the Track you are no longer interested in.
  4. When you return to the Rank Tracks page, that track will no longer appear in the list.
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