Step 2: Selecting Tracks

Important: You cannot complete this step until you have completed Step 1: Building Your Site List.

The Select Tracks page populates with track information from each site you selected in Step 1. From here, you can see information about each track and select which tracks you intend to apply to.

  1. In the list, find the site where you want to apply. Click the Intend to Apply checkbox associated with that site. The checkbox will turn green, and the number of sites to which you can apply will count down by one. 
  2. Check as many boxes as you want, up to the max number of applications. 
  3. Now move on to Step 3: Ranking Tracks.

Deselecting Tracks

If you change your mind about applying to a track, click the green checkbox to deselect that track. The site associated with that track will still be selected on the Build Site List page.

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