Program Admins: Program Overview

Applies to: BAPIC, SCAPTP


The Program Overview Page is the landing page for doctoral program administrators. From this page, you can manage students and track their progress. You can also add new practicum sites and tracks.


Changing Graduate Programs

Change between graduate programs by clicking the program title and selecting a different program from the drop-down menu. 


Program-Specific Dates

The Program-specific Dates field is where you set the end date for a specific program's enrollment period. After this date, students from this program will no longer be able to modify their practicum site selections. 

  1. Adjust the date by clicking in the date box, then select the desired date from the calendar view.
  2. Once you have selected a date, click the Save button.

Making changes to this field is optional Leave this field blank to allow students to select from practicum sites until the end of the ranking period.


Managing Your Program

Once student invitations are active for the year, click the hyperlinked lines in the program description to see more details about students and tracks. 

Registered Students

The Registered Students section shows how many students have used their PracticumFit invite codes and paid for their accounts. Click the hyperlinked text to see the Manage Students page, which has detailed information about each student.

Eligible Tracks

The Eligible Tracks section shows which practicum sites and tracks are available to students in your program. Click the hyperlinked text to see the Programs Relationships page, which has details about specific tracks and sites. 

Incomplete Student Registrations

The Incomplete Student Registrations section shows a counter of students who have not used their PracticumFit invite codes. Click the hyperlinked text to see the Invite Students page, which has more details about these students.

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