User Types

Welcome to PracticumFit! This webapp is designed to match highly qualified candidates with local job sites. 

Four different types of people will use this app. They are:

  1. Students
  2. Doctoral Program Administrators
  3. Practicum Site Administrators
  4. System Administrators

Students are graduate students in the BAPIC programs who have been invited to join PracticumFit. If you are a student, you will use PracticumFit to apply to job sites and rank your site preferences.

Doctoral Program Administrators are academic professionals who are using PracticumFit to monitor their students' progress.

Practicum Site Administrators are professionals who are in charge of practicum sites.

System Administrators are Lunchbreak Labs employees. They can make modifications to the PracticumFit site, but cannot help academic users with issues related to their programs, sites, or tracks.

If any of these roles describe you, click your role in the list above to read more articles that will meet your specific needs.

Are you confused? Check out our FAQ or contact Support

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