User Types

Welcome to PracticumFit and InternFit! This online platform is designed to match highly qualified candidates with local job sites. 

Four different types of people will use this app. They are:

  1. Applicants/Students
  2. Doctoral Program Administrators
  3. Practicum Site Administrators
  4. Client Administrators

Applicants (or Students) are typically graduate students in a school program which is participating in an organized match to place their students at training sites. If you are an Applicant, you will use this platform to rank your preferred training site for the coming year and participate in an electronic match. Depending on what services your Match Organization uses with us, you might also submit your applications on this platform, or use the Directory hosted on this site to determine which sites you wish to apply to.

Doctoral Program Administrators are representatives of a school which has students participating in the match. Progam Admins will use the platform to invite students to participate in the match, and can monitor their students' progress throughout the process.

Practicum Site Administrators are professionals working at agencies that act as training sites. Site Admins will log in to create track offerings to hire into, and review and rank student applicants.

Client Administrators represent the consortium of Sites and Schools that is organizing the match. The Matching Organization's Client Admins oversee all aspects of the match process on the platform, and make all determinations related to policy about a particular match. They manage Site and Program Admin accounts and interface with PracticumFit|InternFit staff.

If any of these roles describe you, click your role in the list above to read more articles that will meet your specific needs.

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