Selecting Tracks to Apply to or Rank

Selecting Sites to Apply To

As soon as you have created your account on InternFit, you can begin selecting the Internship Tracks to which you wish to apply. You may apply to a maximum number of Tracks set by CAPIC administration. 

If you wish to apply to multiple Tracks at the same Site, that will use multiple application slots from your maximum number. You must apply to each Track separately even if they are at the same Site. You will only be able to rank and match with Tracks to which you have directly applied.

The CAPIC Site directory is linked at the top of this page so you can learn more about each Internship Site. 

Preparing and Submitting Application Packets

Once you have selected the Tracks you wish to apply to, you can begin assembling the customized packets for each one. 

Every packet will include your CUA, the CERT your Director of Training has submitted for you, your CV and your two Essays. You must also include exactly 3 Letters of Reference in each packet, and you may include any number (0 to 3) of your Custom Documents.  

If any of the required documents are missing from your application materials, you will not be able to submit any applications.

Once everything is uploaded and ready to go, if it's after the CAPIC Application Submission date, you can send in your packet. 

Important Note: Once you submit your first packet, all your Supporting Documents will be Locked and you will not be able to further edit them.

Important Note: Packets cannot be edited or retracted from Sites once they are submitted. 

You will receive an email confirmation for each Application Packet you submit, and your School Administrator will be able to see what Tracks you've applied to.


Going on Interviews

Students will be contacted by interested programs about scheduling interviews. This will not happen on the InternFit platform. Contact a Site directly if you have questions about your interview process.


Keeping Track of Sites you Like

You can start ranking your selected Tracks at any time, even before you've submitted your application packets or gone on interviews, up until the ranking deadline. This may help you keep track of which Tracks you're most excited about as you move through the interview process.

You will only be able to rank Tracks to which you applied, and no others. No one will ever see your Rank Order List except you, at any time in the process.

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