Building your General Application Packet

Applies to: InternFit Students at CAPIC

**Pre-Step: Update your InternFit Profile:

We recommend students input some basic information into their InternFit profile (accessed by clicking on your name on the top right of the screen when you are logged in to InternFit).

Data you input here will be saved for CAPIC's records, and will autopopulate into your CUA. Please enter your basic information (name, email address, phone number), and optionally, your demographic info (i.e. Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Age, Non-school email address (for Post-graduate follow-up)). This optional info will only be accessible by the CAPIC office for internal purposes.

Your School Admin will be able to see that your have created your login, and will be apprised of your progress as you work through the Application process.  

Before the application preparation date, students will not be able to begin application preparation, but may review the list of Sites permitted by their school, and update their InternFit profile information.


Beginning on the Application Preparation date, the registered student user will now have access to the Application Materials page, where they have several options to choose from in (almost) any order:

  • Fill in and review the CAPIC Universal Application Form
  • Upload their Curriculum Vitae, Essays, and up to 3 Custom Documents
  • Request up to 6 Letters of Reference
  • Select Internship Sites to apply to
  • Upload a custom Cover Letter for each selected Site
  • Designate which Letters of Reference and Custom Documents will be included in each Site's application packet

School Program Oversight: All materials that you prepare and upload will be visible to your School's Program Administrators on the InternFit system, including Letters of Reference which you receive. You will not be able to view these letters, only see that they have been submitted on your behalf.

Updating or Changing Application Materials: You will be able to edit, change, and update all your General Application Materials until the time when you submit your first application to an Internship Site. At that point, all General Materials are locked, and you may only review and download them for reference. Additionally, your CUA form will only be editable until your school submits a CERT form on your behalf, at which point the CUA will be locked.

If you prefer to think graphically, the flowchart below may prove helpful:

Filling in the CAPIC Universal Application

Enter all information for your CUA into the online form. Scroll to the bottom of the form to save your work at any time.

All students must fill in the CUA, and once it is complete, you should submit it to your school for approval once you have filled in all the required fields. The CUA includes an attestation of accuracy of info and compliance with CAPIC policies. 

**Submitting your CUA to your School for Review

We recommend you submit your Application Packet for review as soon as you have filled in your CUA, to allow your Director of Training ample time to review and approve it. You do not have to have any other application materials uploaded to submit your CUA for review. If other materials are present at time of submission, your Director of Training can also review those at this time.

When you submit your CUA for review, you will be required to pay your $200 fee for Application Submission and Ranking and Matching on InternFit, via credit card. This fee is non-refundable.

You will be able to edit your CUA at any time until your school has Reviewed and Approved it by submitting a CERT form on your behalf (which your School Program Administrator will do on the InternFit site). You can also preview your CUA online or download a PDF version of it at any time.

Uploading Supporting Documents

You will need to upload the following documents in pdf form only

  1. Curriculum Vitae (required)
  2. CUA Essays (2) (required)
    1. Essay #1 (Biographical Statement)
    2. Essay #2 (Theoretical Orientation)
  3. Optional Custom Document 1 (labeled by student)
  4. Optional Custom Document 2 ( labeled by students)
  5. Optional Custom Document 3 ( labeled by students) (3 documents max)

If you do not provide a name for the document when you upload it, the pdf's filename will be used. If you do not have experience generating pdfs of documents, please refer to this link for more information.

Once you've uploaded each document, you can re-download it, preview it online, or upload a new version, up until the time that you submit your first application to a Site. After that, you will only be able to Download or Preview it.

Requesting Letters of Reference

The Letter of Reference portal is reached by clicking 'Manage' next to that line on the Application Materials Page. Here you can:

  • Create a New Request: Student can input the name and email address of a Reference Writer, and write a short custom note requesting the Letter. Upon submission, the Referent will receive request via email. Request Limit: Student can request up to 6 Recommendation letters.
  • Check on a Request: You will be able to track whether or not each referent has submitted a Letter, but you will not be able to read its contents once they have.
  • Send a Request Reminder: The reminder will be a short form note to the referent, with the original email text and url copied.
  • Cancel a Request: If the request is rescinded, the referent will receive another email informing them that their referral is no longer needed. They will recover that slot for a new referent up to their limit of 6.

Note that your School Program Administrator will be able to read the Letters of Reference you receive. When preparing packets for submission to individual Sites, you will select exactly 3 of your Letters of Reference to submit to that Site. You may select different letters for each Site you apply to.

Waiting for School Approval and CERT Submission

Anytime after your CUA has been completed, you may submit it for approval by your school. At this time you will be required to pay your $200 CAPIC fee.

Your School Adminstrator will be notified that your CUA is ready for review, and they can Approve, Deny, or Request Corrections. They will fill in an additional form called a CERT, which attests that certain information on your CUA is correct.

You will receive an email notification that your school Administrator has approved your packet and submitted your CERT. You will not be able to view the CERT when it is submitted, but all Internship Sites will. 

You cannot submit application packets to Sites until your school has approved your packet and submitted a CERT on your behalf. You may continue to prepare your application materials while you wait for review.

Corrections Requested

If your Director of Training requests corrections on your CUA, you will receive a notification email, and must update and resubmit your CUA. Contact your school's Director of Training if you have questions.



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    CAPIC Support

    Three (3) Letters of Reference (LOR's) are required for a complete set of application materials. We allow students to submit up to six (3) LOR requests to help ensure students will have at least three (3).

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    CAPIC Support

    The Cover Letters to individual internship Sites/Tracks are uploaded as part of the submission process for completed applications, not the initial application process. This is also the time when student assign which LOR's and/or supplemental documents are to be submitted with other required material to a specific internship Site/Track.

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    CAPIC Support

    If a user (e.g. student, LOR writer) is having problems entering or saving data, or uploading documents, CAPIC recommends the following:
    - Try another browser, another computer, or another internet connection (e.g. ethernet vs wireless).
    - No technology is 100% foolproof/compatible, and these steps have successfully addressed such issues in the past.

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