Viewing Students

The View Students page is where you can see the students in your program who have InternFit Accounts. 

Changing Graduate Programs

Change between graduate programs by clicking the program title and selecting a different program from the drop-down menu. 

Managing Your Students

Each of the students in your program who is participating in the match is listed on the View Students page. If you do not see a student in your program on this list, it means they are not in the system for this year's match.


This field displays the student's name.


This field displays the contact email address for the student.


This field shows how many tracks the student currently has in their rank list.

Last Logged In

This field shows when, if ever, the student has logged into the site. You can use this information to remind students to log in and rank their preferred sites if they have not done so.

Enrollment Status

A student will show as "Not Enrolled" if they have never logged into the site and confirmed that they wish to participate in the match. Once a student has logged in and affirmed their intent to participate in the match, they will show as "Enrolled." A student who has gone through the Withdraw process with have 0 sites in their rank list and be marked as "Withdrawn." Students who are "Not Enrolled" or "Withdrawn" will not be included in the match process.


Matched To

After match day, the sites a student has matched to will be displayed in this field. Before match day, this field will be empty.

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