Ranking Tracks in InternFit

The Rank Tracks page is where you see the tracks you have applied to and rank them in order of preference.

This page is populated based on the lists of sited you applied to, supplied by CAPIC to InternFit. If you do not see a track you applied to on this page, please contact CAPIC support to find out why.

Ranking Tracks

Reorder the list by clicking, dragging, and dropping the track entries within it.

Every time you move a track in the ranking, your new rank order list will be automatically saved in the system. 

If you want to view the currently saved rank order list (which will exactly match your current drag-and-drop list), you can click on the "Verify" button in the upper right. This list is displayed in an easy format for cutting and pasting for your records.

Important: You can modify the rank list until the ranking period is over. Once the ranking period ends, your list will be locked in the order it is set to at that time.

Removing Tracks

If you decide you do not wish to rank a track, click on the Delete icon on the right hand side of the track listing. A confirmation box will pop up confirming that you do not wish to rank this Track. If you confirm, the track will be deleted from your rank list.

Important: If you delete a track from your rank list, you will not be able to put it back. Please be absolutely certain you will not wish to rank this track before you delete it from your rank list.

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    CAPIC Support

    Students should be aware that you cannot KNOW how high an internship will rank you. First, internships are not supposed to share this info, and second, people often say one thing and do another. This is also the case for students.

    Internships and students are allowed to say IF they intend to rank each other (or if they do NOT intend to rank), but are not allowed to say HOW they will rank.

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    CAPIC Support

    We understand that using an algorithm rather than a direct offer/acceptance can be stressful, and we want to help students and internships better understand the online match process which uses the Gale-Shapely algorithm.

    CAPIC recommends that students RANK internships based on preference, and REMOVE any internships from a student's ranking at which she/he would NOT want to serve. The system/algorithm is designed to then match the student to her/his highest choice.

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    CAPIC Support

    Matching depends on various factors:
    - How high the student ranks an internship.
    - How high other student applicants rank the internship.
    - How high an internship ranks the student.
    - How high an internship ranks other student applicants.
    - How many open positions an internship has listed to fill.

    The algorithm takes the students rankings/preferences and the internships rankings/preferences to form the most preferred match. If there is a tie between internship and student preferences, the student's preferences have priority. For example if two internships rank a student first (#1), the match would go to whichever internship that the student ranked first (#1).

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